Our Team

Kathleen Rogers

Clinical Software Specialist

Kathleen’s work at Sunshine Health Facilities centers on optimizing the electronic health record and related processes. She works across all Sunshine facilities and departments to improve the efficiency of the organization’s clinical technology systems, which ultimately results in better resident care.

Besides being a technological whiz, Kathleen comes with a background in nursing and project management. This combination makes her a perfect Clinical Software Specialist for Sunshine.

Kathleen appreciates Sunshine’s strong reputation in the community. She is proud of the wonderful care the organization provides to its residents. The culture at Sunshine reflects a grateful attitude that is communicated to Kathleen each day when people thank her for the help she provides. She enjoys the people she works with, the professional challenges of her position, and the smiles she receives in the hallways. Kathleen also has a degree in writing, which likely lead to her enjoyment of reading.

Kathleen stays active by taking Barre classes. She enjoys sewing clothes and gifts for family and friends. She and her husband enjoy traveling and exploring new places.


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